How to Create and Give Valid Assessments

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Counseling Competency: Assessment Understanding assessment takes the knowledge of knowing the historical and theoretical bases for assessment techniques, understanding the importance of reliability and validity, what results of assessments mean to a counselor, and the ethical principals of assessment. Assessing a student or client can take on many forms, one example may be a student taking a state test and another example could be observing human behavior. There are important components in developing assessments and important rules to follow to obtain the correct information and not to skew the answers to unfairly label a student or client. In helping a student or client, assessment should be based on what is appropriate to test and how the outcomes will affect the student and client and what goals should be created for their success in life. A counselor is responsible for making sure assessments are relevant to academic, social and personal development. An understanding of the major assessment requirements, especially the protection in evaluation procedures provisions, which was passed under the Education for All Handicapped Children Act in 1975 will help guide a counselor as they decide what assessments to use for information. The protection in evaluation procedures states a test must be selected and administer so as to be racially and culturally nondiscriminatory, a test must factor in a student's background and native tongue, be used for a specific reason, and be administered by a trained personnel (Salvia, 2013). Assessments are used to gain a variety of information to help assess the needs of a student or client. Assessments can provide a meaningful basis for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of misu... ... middle of paper ... ... booklets, to the testing procedures, to the bundling of the testing booklets, and sending them off to be evaluated. Assessing test reliability and validility ensures all students have a fair chance in doing the best they can on the test and we as educators are making sure their test results help them receive the best education. Needs assessments are important to the guidance program because they help counselors understand student concerns and direct us in how to develop lesson plans to meet student needs in the guidance program. I am part of the process in making sure students have the correct materials and assistance they need to be successful during testing week. Lastly, assessment should be about how to improve our education system, to see the improvements and to acknowledge the weaknesses; so all students have a chance of succeeding in our schools.

In this essay, the author

  • States wells and wollack's belief that test reliability is a precursor to test validity.
  • Explains that a counselor is responsible for gathering the information needed for the correct assessments and assessing the client to determine what goals if any, need to be created for their success.
  • Explains that a counselor is responsible for making sure assessments are relevant to academic, social, and personal development.
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