How to Create, Plan, and Manage a Nonprofit Organization

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Nonprofit organizations are firms that are developed to cater for specific issues affecting the community. Unlike profit-based organizations, non-profit organizations rely on relief funds and grants from well-wishers to fulfill their promises (Bradach, Tierney & Stone, 2008; Hitt, Ireland, Sirmon & Trahms, 2011). Nevertheless, creating, planning, and managing a nonprofit organization are critical factors for the success of the organization. Once the nonprofit organization has been formed, the community benefiting from this organization becomes reliant on this organization to improve their livelihood.

Organization’s Description

The name of the nonprofit organization will be Beta Factor Talent Foundation. The Beta Factor Talent Foundation shall be located in Jacksonville, Florida, where there are many homeless individuals trying to make a living. The number of homeless individuals in America appears to be increasing. This growing number of homeless people have no foundation that recognizes their talent especially in Jacksonville, Florida. These individuals form a segregated community that needs recognition and proper management to achieve better living. However, at a time when the number of job vacancies is dwindling, these homeless individuals stand very little chance to ever become recognized citizens with positive contribution to the community.

Beta Factor Talent Foundation will offer this segregated community an opportunity to nurture their talents and possibly make a positive impact on the society. The homeless individuals showcase their talent by drawing graffiti on walls, on pavements and street to communicate their talents and feelings to the rest of the community. However, the larger community has been ignorant to a po...

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