How to Clearly Communicate Objectives and Learning in a Lesson

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After examining my use of effective classroom practices through the self-evaluation of current teaching practice worksheet, I identified several areas of teaching that I could improve in. The area that I chose to focus on was “students are carefully orientated to lessons.” Within that broad area I focused on the question if I communicated the objectives of the lesson to all students and checked to see if the students understood the objective. I posed the research question: What will the effect of clearly communicated objectives and expected learning outcomes be on the student mastery of the lesson objective?” By posing this question I expected the students to learn the objective and show mastery of the lesson objective. To help with my action research plan I read several articles about both objectives and lesson plans. The articles discussed the importance of lesson plans and lesson objectives and how to develop effective lesson plans that include objectives. The article written by Pugsley discusses the reason why you should plan and have that plan include an objective. Pugsley states in the article that “objective setting assists in lesson planning because it helps to provide direction and structure to the teaching and in so doing imposes a discipline on the teacher to select the most appropriate content for the session” (Pugsley, 2010). The article also discusses that the lesson objectives you create for the lesson provide a basis for assessing learning. The article by Dunn et al. states the purpose of objectives to know “ when and how mastery can be evidenced” (Dunn, et al., 2010). The article examines the different ways to plan for different outcomes for the same objective to address the different learning style... ... middle of paper ... for the future is to offer a variety of independent practice activities to show mastery of the objective as discussed in Pugsley article. Another idea I have for future lessons is to have the students self evaluate if they feel they understand the lesson objective and if they met the objective thru the activity they completed. From the data collected I will also both verbally state and have the lesson objective visually represented in a way all students can understand it. Students and teachers both benefit from a clearly communicated lesson objective. The objective gives the lesson a common goal that everyone can work towards. That common goal creates better rapport between the teacher and the students and improves the performance of all involved. I will continue to use the action of communicating the objective to students at the beginning of a lesson.
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