How to Buy a Computer

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In an ever-growing technologic world the need for a computer becomes almost a necessity than a luxury. With so many options out in the marketplace it can get overwhelming and exhausting to know what to look for when purchasing a computer. I would put a sentence showing why it is confusing, like I described in your notes. So you might ask yourself how do I go about buying a computer and what should I be looking for? The components of a computer and understanding their function are the main determining factors when looking to make a purchase. Starting with the most important component that affects not only performance but also cost is the video card. The video card is responsible for everything that is displayed and how fast it can display programs; this is referred to as the FPS or frames per second that the video card can display. With this responsibility a video card determines if you want fast smooth graphics at a greater cost for gaming or a cheaper solution if only being used for word processing and Internet usage. The size measured in megabits (MB) and speed of memory measured in megahertz (Mhz) in the video card will directly affect the cost and quality of the computer being purchased. The processor is the next most important part to look at when purchasing a computer. So what does the processor do exactly? The processor is the component that is most commonly referred to as the “brain” of the computer and is responsible for processing all the information. The processor’s value is determined by the speed in which it can process the information represented in a gigahertz (GHz) value. Processors also come with multiple cores, (such as A or B etc). (This give the ability…) which give the ability to process more data si... ... middle of paper ... ... meetings across great distances. The peripherals however should always be checked for compatibility with the operating system that is on the computer and software for which it will be used. (mention at the start of the paragraph what peripherals are, like Mouse, keyboard, etc. then give the examples of use) The ports available on a computer are important to look at when purchasing computer. Ports can range from Ethernet for networking, video input/output for editing or recording, USB for plugging in any peripherals, and card slots for a media interface. Computers come standard with most port listed above however they should still be checked when purchasing. Ports will allow upgrades to be done to the computer via PCI ports by allowing cards to be added increasing areas of the computer such as video processing, network capabilities, and wireless connectivity.
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