How to Build a Dominant Gaming Computer

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So you’re thinking about building a gaming computer from scratch? Well I can explain a few things that will help you on your journey. Gaming desktops/rigs take a lot of energy, so don’t go crazy when you see next month’s electricity bill. Assuming you have a good amount of money, then I will be telling you how much the items are, and what sizes you should get. I will list these items off in order from what you should be looking up first. First you will need to buy a case, this is one of the cheapest items on your list. Most cases are the same, they just vary from size, airflow, noise, number of drive bays, front ports, cable management, and look. Depending on which one you get it could cost you in the range of $75-$125. Once you have the case, we can proceed to the important goodies. Second you will be in need a Processor (CPU), this is the brain of your rig. Since this will be a gaming computer, you will need a very expensive CPU. Third item will be a motherboard, this will connect all the other components of your computer together. It’s the base for everything such as: USB ports, the number of expansion cards you can put in (such as video, sound, and Wi-Fi).You can find one a good gaming pc fit one for about $200. Fourth will be your Random Access Memory, or RAM for short. This is like your computer's short-term memory. It stores data your computer needs quick access to help your programs run faster, and help you run more programs at one time. Remember this is a gaming laptop, so its high performance, which means you will need a lot of RAM. I repeat a lot of RAM! Most high capacity RAM cards have 4 gigabytes worth of space, and are sold in sets of two for about $80. Fifth will be your Graphics Card (GPU), which is especially ma... ... middle of paper ... ...g, the price of a power supply could be $175-$350. Items such as thermal paste or extra fans or water cooling parts to prevent overheating are very smart investments. These items listed are just a part of the main factors to look at when considering building a computer from scratch, no matter what its use will be for. You still will have to buy a monitor, mouse, keyboard, webcam, microphone, and speakers if not already obtained. I hope this guide will serve you well in your journey to your dream computer. Just watch prices, view ratings, and use common sense when shopping. If you don’t feel confident in building it yourself, try and find a friend do so, or try to hire a computer specialist to build it for cheap. You would rather have it built by someone who knows what they’re doing and have it run perfectly, than getting confused and accidentally mismatching pieces.
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