How to Build-A-Business: The Case of Gravity Shoe Retail Store

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Gravity is a retail store specializing in high-end designer shoes. Within my business, I will incorporate a small winery, which will allow my customers the ability to enjoy some of the best wines the world has to offer. Since I am the only owner, my company will be viewed as a disregarded entity for liability purposes. My company will operate under the industries of retail/customer service and beverage management. I will offer both goods and services with outstanding products and services. My targeted market will be both men and women, middle class and higher, between the ages of 24-44, who are able to afford products such as: Balenciaga, Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Yves Saint Laurent, and many other high-end designers.
Risks and Ethics
There are many risks owners take when opening a business, Gravity included. Due to Gravity being a high-end shoe store and winery, there is always the possibility that I will not meet my target audience, or bring in any customers. I could be spending more money on products, maintenance, and upkeep than I am bringing in. When dealing with customers, vendors, and employees there is the possibility that they could be stealing, or being unethical about the products I receive. Choosing the perfect location to start my business is also a risk, especially when dealing with high-end products. I do not want external theft to be an issue. Lastly, there is a chance that the market will not be suitable for my business. I have to make sure that I am buying from credible vendors, ensuring that the products I am buying are real and of good quality. The same goes for the wine vendors as well. I have to ensure that my employees have proper customer service skills. Furthermore, ethical consi...

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...ty’s Code of Ethics applies to all individuals who have a hand in the business whether directly or indirectly.
2. If individuals violate these codes, immediate action will be taken, whether it is suspension or termination. No one is exempt from following these guidelines, not even the owner of the company.

Gravity’s Mission Statement and Code of Ethics Applies to Everyone!

In order for the company to be successful, it requires teamwork and an extensive amount of effort. The company has high expectations for the business and its employees, which is listed in the Code of Ethics. Do the right thing and it will benefit you in the long run. These regulations are applicable to everyday life, and should constantly be taken into consideration when making day-to-day decisions.

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