How to Become a Successful Young Adult

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After graduating high school, attending college is something many young adults are thinking about. Many college students are very successful, although, there are still young adults that have a rough time. Some college students may struggle academically because many individuals realize they are not interested in the major they have chosen, lack responsibility, and seem to think there is not long term consequences to their actions.
First reason for poor success could be that a student realizes that they are not interested in the major they have chosen. It is an important decision when choosing a major. It is something that should be well thought out and planned or the student may end up struggling to get through it. Most students start college with good intentions on a specific major; however, without prior knowledge in the area, students may not know what that major entails. One may start to question their choice of major after getting an overview of the classroom setting. For instance, a potential nursing student may reconsider their decision of their major after experiencing hands on skills in a clinical setting. They may realize the medical field is not for them, after all. Students may also struggle when their family forces a career on them. For example, a family wants to keep their family business going; which, the student is not interested in pursuing that career, but does not want to let the family down; so, the student majors in that field to please them. If the students, themselves, do not want to pursue a career wholeheartedly, then they may begin to struggle. Meanwhile, there are cases where the student is unsure what they would like to major in altogether. While many students have a good idea on what field they would ...

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...d making them wish they had made superior decisions.
In conclusion, many college students may struggle academically by realizing that they are no longer interested in the major they were planning to accomplish. Students may also struggle academically due to being irresponsible, making wrong decisions, or misplacing their priorities when it comes to balancing their social life with academics. College is a big commitment. When attending college, it is time to be serious and concentrate. In college, there is not anytime to make irresponsible decisions. Lack of responsibility while attending college can lead to set backs and even failure. Being a college student is a choice. If a student makes the choice to go to college, they need to be responsible for their actions. With hard work and dedication, colleges around the world are here to help students achieve success.
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