How-to Become a Successful Commercial Plus-size Model at Any Age

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Theme: How-To Become a Successful Commercial Plus-Size Model at Any Age with Tips from Various Plus-Size Modeling Agencies, Plus-Size Models in the Business, Stores That Sell Plus-Size Clothing Such as Lane Bryant. Inspirational for women who aspire to become models but feel they can't get gigs because they are a fuller size. Grace magazine The goal of Grace magazine is to reach women sizes 12 and up and help them with beauty, fashion, and lifestyle information that they can use to benefit their life. Founder Ceslie Armstrong wanted to create a magazine that spoke to full-figured women through editorials, pictures, graphics and more since she had found very few magazines that had already done so. Armstrong feels that larger women serve as the majority of America, but that they are largely under-served as consumers. Grace magazine calls itself a "custom published lifestyle guide that embodies the lifestyle and spirit of the full-fashioned woman with features and columns that spotlight the latest in fashion, beauty, and style and an easy-to-read comprehensive shopping and resource guide." Armstrong, as founder and editor-in-chief serves as head of a large staff with more then 20 members serving in editorial, photo, art, and fashion and beauty. I find it surprising that Kevin Kushel as creative and photography director is second to the editor in chief on the masthead, but this shows how important photos are to a magazine. Next comes fashion and beauty and fitness directors followed by managing editor with a group underneath for Features. Features includes an editor-at-large as well as groups of editors under fashion and beauty, photography, and art. Added to this number are the various columnists and contributor... ... middle of paper ... ... article with a different approach to fitness that I've never thought of before. Perhaps this is an article that I want to base my own article on. There are lots of pictures and short paragraphs on finding someone with qualifications, experience, workouts, and contacts, which serve as the professional sources to back the article. That paragraph is the most text I've found in one section within the entire magazine. It's very easy to read and short and to the point for women who don't have time to read it. Pictures take most of the attention and it's perfect for women on the go who wants to get into shape. When I write my article, I'd like to base it on this article (short boxed texts, lots of tips and sources) because I feel like if my article imitates or takes after this article (no plagiarizing of course) then it will be easier to sell it to this magazine.

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