How to Be a Good Writer in High School

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In high school, I did not like writing. Writing is nightmare for most high school students. They prefer death than do writing. I was a bad writer in my class, but then I became the top ten best writers in my school. I discovered that to write is to discover ideas and put into words. However, to put ideas into words and to discover new ideas are harder than to teach fish to walk. For that, I make a guideline for high school students. First, students need to understand grammar, and read books critically. Then, they have to study about writing types, and to write creatively.
The first step is to understand grammar. If you want to be a good writer, you have to understand how to write good sentences. Indeed, you need to carefully study the entire Khmer grammars. You should make a grammar list because it is easy for to learn. In the list, you should include noun, adjective, verb, adverb, pronoun, preposition, and conjunction. Khmer grammar is unique because tense is not important. However, part of speech is very essential. You will have to learn the roles of each part of speech. Many students find grammar difficult because one part of speech has many roles. The list will help you to understand the relation between part of speech and its roles. Next, you will have to learning to use adjective and adverb. They are the tools that make your sentences beautiful, precise and strong.
Reading is vital for literature subject. The focus of Khmer writing and English writing is different. Since, Khmer writing is to write mostly about the novels in the education curriculum. However, English writing is much border. There are eight novels that always appear on every literature writings. Therefore, you need to wisely read and analyze these novels. F...

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...asons. Keep in mind that, do not write in a personal voice. You can give your own opinion but you have to clearly state the motive. Even though, you use the information from the story, you have to give reasons. Khmer writing is not a summary of any story. The reason Khmer writing mainly uses stories as the priority source because student can learn important lessons and think critically. You should brainstorm before you write, for that you can generate a lot of ideas. Many students do not brainstorm before they write. As a result, they have very little ideas to write.
The advice I mentioned in the pervious paragraphs is my personal experiences. This advice might not work with you. However, writing is art and there are no exact paths to be a good writer. You will have to discover your own paths. I hope this guideline will help you find you way to be a good writer.
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