How to Achieve Diversity in the Workplace

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Have you ever been treated or seen differently because of your gender, race, religion, or any other attribute? If you have, then you have experienced a form of discrimination. So what do we mean by discrimination? In general, discrimination is defined as an assault on human rights by denying certain groups and people full human rights because of who they are, as well as their beliefs (“Discrimination). The United States has a poor history of discriminatory practices in the workplace. Business owners were allowed to use slaves to operate their business, up until 1865, where the slaves were declared free. Despite being known as a “melting pot” and as a land of opportunity, immigrants have faced discrimination when arriving in our country. One of the earliest examples of discrimination against Asian Americans occurred during the California Gold Rush. Many people moved there in order to become wealthy. This has also attracted Asian immigrants, who moved to California for the same reasons as the other people who have moved there. As more Asian immigrants were entering the country, the competition was increasing, as they were beginning to take over jobs. The competition for jobs led the Whites to become resentful toward the Chinese. It led to an Anti-Chinese movement and eventually the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was passed to restrict immigration. Other immigrants often had to take more difficult jobs with little pay. The immigrants also struggled to integrate into our society. At that time, there were almost no laws that prevented prejudice and discrimination in the workplace. Though we came a long way, discrimination continues to exist in our society today. Fortunately, it is possible for employers and employees can take to reduce ... ... middle of paper ... ... reflect their commitment to diversity. These ideas can help implement more diversity in the workplace without creating chaos. In conclusion, discrimination in the workplace cannot be completely stopped, but there is a way that people can help reduce it. Promoting diversity in the workplace is a way that may help reduce discrimination. It is important to discourage workplace discrimination. Discriminatory practices in the workplace can affect employees in various ways. They have negative consequences on the employees both emotionally and physically. Not only do they affect the employees, but they also affect the business as a whole. Not only does discrimination effect the business financially, but it can also impact its employee productivity and ability to recruit and retain staff. Promoting diversity in the workplace in practical ways can make a big difference.

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