How to Access Facebook

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For the task to be carried out the user will need specific components so that he/she will be able to access Facebook.


- Hard drive components

- Mouse

- Keyboard

- Monitor

- Cables

- Modem

- Power supply


- Internet

- Operating system

- Web browser

Keyboard: the user will need a keyboard to carry out his/her task which is to access Facebook. The keyboard will be needed to input data into the computer and send information or commands to the computer. The keyboard will be connected to the computer via USB slot and USB port. As we type, the information is sent by bus to the keyboard motherboard. Then from the motherboard the information is sent to the computer where it processes the information by using bits and bytes (binary system). Along with the binary system, fetch and execute cycle also takes place. When the user types the letter B then the computer will go and fetch the letter you have asked for and it will get it form the CPU. Then it will Decode what the user has typed. This means that B will turn into bits and bytes (machine language) for the computer to understand what the user has wrote than it changes it back to B it will be shown as B. when B is typed that it gets stored in the RAM.

Install a hardware or software

Hardware: Random Access Memory (RAM)

STEP 1: The first would be that the user will have to find out what type of RAM is needed for his/her computer (to know which type of RAM is needed it will depend on the computer’s motherboard)

STEP 2: Then the user will have to check how many sockets are needed for the RAM. The motherboard only allows a certain amount of RAM sticks to be installed. Some motherboards are able to hold two while other motherboards are able to support four, six or many more. And in some cases the motherboard will have a limit of memory that it can support no matter how many slots are available.

STEP 3: Buy the correct RAM that will be needed for the user’s computer. While buying the user should keep in mind that the RAM’S that are already installed and the one’s the user is buying should have the same speed. If this is ignored then after installation of the Ram the computer system will be clocked down so that it would operate with the slowest stick and this will affect the performance of the user’s computer.
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