How the Universe was Created

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Scientists have had many arguments on how the Earth is really shaped. Some say that the Earth was round rather than a flat plate. It came to mind on how the Earth was really shaped when there were eclipses on the moon. If the Earth were a flat disk, the shape of the moon would be stretched and arched. Also, Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, thought that the Earth was stationary. He believed that the sun, the stars, and the moon orbited around the Earth. A Greek philosopher named Ptolemy made a model predicting the alignment of the galaxy, and the Christian church adopted his model.

Before Galileo and Newton came, most people believed Aristotle ideas about motion. He said that a body was at rest and only move if a force acted upon it, and that a heavy body should fall faster than light one. Galileo proved that those ideas were false. Newton used Galileo's experiment to form his law of motions. Aristotle believed that anybody would stay at rest if it were not driven by a force, but Newton believes that there is no unique way of rest. Besides their differences, Aristotle and Newton believed in absolute time. The speed of light was discovered by Christensen Roemer. He proved that light travels at a quick speed, and that you can measure that speed.

An American astronomer named Edwin Hubble showed the world that our galaxy is not the only galaxy out there. He calculated the distances to nine different galaxies. The Doppler Effect was established which is the relationship between wavelength and speed. Hubble observed other galaxies and their spectra. The discovery that the universe is expanding was the greatest revolution of the twentieth century. Additionally, Einstein introduced an antigravity force that said that space time had a bu...

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... the values of cosmological constant.

Albert Einstein, Galileo Galile, and Isaac Newton were the greatest men of all time. Einstein’s efforts for peace took him far. Galileo was responsible for the birth of modern science. It was his work that was to be genius of modern physics. Lastly, Newton was not that nice, but he was a powerful man. All these great scientists paved a way for our humankind.

Our human kind is thrilled to know how our universe was created. All these theories lack observational evidence. The earliest theoretical attempts to describe and explain the universe involved the idea that events and natural things were controlled by spirits. We have found the task of science to be the discovery of laws that will enable us to predict events. Humans are still trying to come up with a theory, but when they find the answer, it would be the ultimate triumph.
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