How the United States Government Has Changed

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Since the fight for liberty from Europe, the political system of the United States had change for good. The United States had made improvement in their government structure to make the country a better place. The country has being affected in many different ways since the departure from the mother country. Due to the liberty the American people wanted, they had to make a government that could lead them to a better country than the mother country. The American people had being making many improvements to the government to make a strong self-governed country. The country had had some advantages and disadvantages that lead the country to the government what is today. The political history of Unites States from constitutional convention to 1846 was a growing influence for government progressiveness, slavery and women. Since the Constitutional convention the government of the Unites States has being improving the government system. The government has many progressiveness, it went from an authoritarian country to a self-governed country by the people. The politicians has being changing the structure of the government system to a better a much better version of the last one making it a more fair system for the people. For instance, during the convention in Philadelphia congress had develop a more effective and unified constitution than the past. They started the changes of the system to a more complex government system that benefited the people and the states. For example, the congress came up with the idea of making an upper house for the senate and a lower house for the House of Representatives along with the Great Compromise that gave the president a substantial power over the government. The congress did this because after the Americ... ... middle of paper ... ...he influence for a better status for slavery was changing; new reforms were made that make the difference to a better life for slaves. And along with the change of the reform for the government the women make themselves presence and that set the start of change for women’s rights. The change took time but little by little they were making decisions that make their life better, like when they had access to education and were able to teach at schools. The most interesting aspect of history for me was when the women start looking for their rights. I believe that if those women had not fought for their rights and kept quiet, in today’s society would still be treating as property. For example, women couldn’t access to education and be able to work like we do today. I really proud of those women that fought for our right and make our generations enjoy what we have today.

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