How the National Industry of Smuggling Harms the Economy

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Smuggling is the illegal transportation of goods or people, such as out of building into a prison , or cross an international border in volation of applicable laws or other regulation. There are various way to smuggle. These include the participation in illegal trade, such as in the drug trade etc. Smuggling severly harms the economy of a country in multidimensional ways.

“Smuggling was not just a cottage industry, but a national industry.”

Jim Sinclair

Smuggling is an activity which involves the importation or exportation of goods by wrong or unlawful means with objective of evading taxes.

Smuggling is an illegal method of conducting business. The principle causes of smuggling are greed for wealth ignorance and lack of nationalism.

Smuggling occurs when outright avoidance of official customs controls across the borders e.g on lake Victoria , overland on road ,rail and often through the bush ways. This form of smuggling is generally associated with highly marketable goods, goods of high tax value and prohibited or restricted goods.

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