How the Mongol Empire has Affected the World

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Throughout history there have been great empires that have tried to basically take over the world. In western schools, these empires usually consist of empires such as Alexander the Great’s, the Roman Empire, and even the British Empire of the Victorian Age. These empires are all seen as major forces in the field of history, but there is often a great empire that has been overlooked. This overlooked empire once amassed about half of the world’s land. Its territories once included China, Persia, and even Eastern Europe. The empire is known as an empire that virtually had the world trembling in their boots. The empire is the Mongol Empire, and the question is how does an empire of nomads end up drastically changing the geography of the world and scaring the living daylights out of those who were in soon to be conquered areas.

Explanation of the Applicable National Standards for Geography Many of the National Standards for Geography can be seen within the history and geography of the Mongol Empire. Starting with places and regions, the subject knows and understands the physical and human characteristics of places, it knows and understands that people define regions and use them to interpret the world’s changing complexity, and it also knows and understands that culture and experience influence people’s perceptions of places and experiences. The subject, or the Mongol Empire, deals with these three standards in the fact that the empire once covered much terrain. Because of the extensive boundaries, cultures, ethnic groups, religions, and more interacted and changed. Human Systems are drastically affected by the Mongol Empire. The subject, or the Mongol Empire, deals with the characterist...

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