How the Media Affects Society

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We are constantly being bombarded by the media. Everybody has access to media 24/7 now, whether it's tv, radio, newspapers, books, or magazines, or the internet. Having so much information for us to be able to access can certainly affect how we think. The media could help cause our society to become a dystopia because it can be misleading, it can be biased, and it can cause people to be less informed on important issues than they should be. From all of these things, people could become uniformed on important events, and we would therefore be unable to prevent less than capable representatives from being elected to office and poor decisions being made. Because the media is how we inform ourselves to prevent those bad things from happening, it would be ideal for it to be accurate. However, this is not always the case. Mistakes in newspapers are frequently reported, grammatical or otherwise, yet rarely corrected. When people have witnessed events firsthand that were featured on the news, only 51% of the time do they say the reports on the event were accurate. This may be why about 73% of adults say they are skeptical of the media's accuracy (1). Something that may also cause a person to question the accuracy of the media would be bias. Out of the top 20 cable news programs with the highest ratings, thirteen of those are from Fox News, a more conservative-biased station, five are from MSNBC, a more liberal-biased station, and three are from CNN, which is a more neutral station in comparison to the other two (2). From this, one can conclude that the more biased stations get more viewers. And the top two of these stations, Fox News and MSNBC, are complete opposites, like cats and dogs. Thus, they bicker and disagr... ... middle of paper ... ...n, the media, even though its very purpose is to keep us informed and connected to the world, can do the quite the opposite because of bias, misinformation and focusing on less important, but more interesting stories. This could have disastrous consequences. If we are uninformed, we will not know who to elect as leaders, and some bad decisions could get made by those who are in power. This could lead to our society becoming a dystopia. The solution? Think for yourself. Do not automatically believe everything you hear or read about without putting thought into it first. It might be a good idea to check your facts, and get information from multiple different sources. As a citizen of a democracy, it is important to be well-informed on what is going on in the country and around the world, because each person who is able to vote affects our society's very future.
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