How the Learning Envirnoment of a Classroom Effects Learning

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The concept of the learning environment Is the environment in which you are teaching and learning processes, including covered by this ocean of factors and effects depends upon the quality of output, and the results of both processes. So, the educational environment of the school includes school construction site, buildings, halls and gyms rows and scientific laboratories, furniture, equipment and school supplies. So the following will set up two of the classroom environment. Also I will be aspects (safety, comfort, space, sound equipment and materials, mobility, attractive and storage areas) I observe two classes, one is in grade one the other in grade Five. So there is a little different environment in the class. Because, the school is a model school. So everything in the school is organized by environmental rules. As we know to develop the teaching we should have the safety. So In the grade one the teacher educating students matters of safety that makes them behave properly while they are classroom to prevent injuries , including and especially for young children during their activities are used machines sharp , such as scissors or others, and warning the student to not put pencils mouth or tampered with until Do not cause injury to their colleagues. The teacher also puts panel in the electricity to warning them from approaching or play with it. But in grade five the students don’t have to teach them about safety. Because they realize fully the seriousness electricity and therefore they know and avoid the use of electricity. Also their knowledge about the safety from school in the beginning of study. They are smart and responding. So if they need to help they can ask the teacher to help them. In order to get positiv... ... middle of paper ... ... store to but Personal purposes such as shoes, clothes, book and school tools. But in grade five is opposite. Because the classroom is very small and the student cannot take freedom to move and do any activity. Also there’s no book shelf and storage store. On the other hand both teachers in each classroom use a different equipment and materials such as the data show, whiteboard, laptop, projector, T.V and Radio. So all things are good and student very active when use different equipment. To conclude, the physical environment for learning and education should have to be, comfortable, attractive, equipped with resources and educational tools for learning, and organization so as to allow for students and teachers learning and teaching opportunities singles and group, and facilitates them to complete different educational tasks of their choice or directing them.

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