How our Society is Evolving with the Mass Media

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Introduction: What happened to the media? The mass media is growing and slowly becoming a part of our lives due to the increase of dependency since the late 1920’s when Televisions have become commercially available to the public, or even as old as the printing press, and the reliance on the media has soared since then with the introduction of the internet, as well as many other forms of technology “We've arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology.”(Sagan, C.). But how are these forms of media affecting our way of life?. The mass media was and still is influencing us without noticing it, because we are too dependent on it in our daily lives, we use it to get our daily news, watch our favorite shows and even communicate with other people around the world. The media helps kids learn due the kids show, as well as providing learning programs. Crime rates have also increased in some countries due to the violence in the media; Some Researchers say that people exposed more to these media tend to be a little bit more exited or agitated. So is our dependence on the mass media so harmful that it would be better if we stop using them or will we patch-up the way we are using the media, the following paper will state how beneficial or harmful the mass media is. Television: The things that we loved and enjoyed Let’s start with the most used type of media in the world, the television. Around 88% of people watch TV daily. It is one of the most used media to this day and for good reason, with many channels and TV shows that are entertaining as well as informative shows, like wild animals documentaries, as well as offering learning shows for kids, and because of its capability to form influent... ... middle of paper ... ..., D. F. (1997). Building communication theory (3rd ed.). Prospect, Heights, Ill.: Waveland Press, Inc., 387-393. Kapor, M. (n.d.). Retrieved November 30, 2013, from Website: Liebling, A. J. (n.d.). Retrieved November 30, 2013, from Website: McDonald, D. (2004). Twentieth-century media effects research. Sage Handbook of Media Studies, (September) 183-201. Morrison, J. (n.d.). Retrieved November 30, 2013, from Website: Sagan, C. (n.d.). Retrieved November 30, 2013, from Website:
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