How do you know me?

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"It was her! Grandma, it was Amy!" I screamed, trying my hardest for her to her hear me. I had been at this for days now, ever since I found out that absolutely no one was blaming Amy. I didn't know if they were even looking for who really did it or not, but I didn't care, all I cared about was everyone knowing who had done it. "People see ghosts all the time, right? It's clearly possible." I assured myself. But I had been trying to communicate with her, or anyone, for two days now, and nothing was working. I couldn't scream loud enough, I couldn't move anything, and when I tried it felt like I was hitting a brick wall, all I could do was keep trying. I tried moving the note I had written to her one last time before I gave up and wandered off to my room, thankfully my Grandma kept my door open. I sat down next to my window, taking in the nature that surrounded me. I had grown fond of the outside world, realizing now how much I had taken it for granted before I died. Now I was in a constant state of longing; longing to feel the heat from the sun beat down on me, the wind blowing through my hair or anything other than this constant state of nothingness. All I could do was watch everyone else enjoy the things that I never took the time to. No one could hear me, no one could see me and they probably never would. I needed to tell someone who killed me, but I didn't know how to do that without speaking or maybe writing it down; sadly I can't do either of those. I stared out my window, thinking about what had happened here not so long ago. I closed my eyes, replaying the kiss in my head with a smile on my face. My eyes opened, pulling me out of my dream. I felt tears streaming down my face, I wiped them away no... ... middle of paper ... ...f the small cafe. There were only a few people inside. They all looked to be around my age, maybe a little older. I heard laughter coming from some people walking through the open door. I looked up to see a group of girls coming in, I couldn't necessarily place their faces, but one of them looked familiar. They placed their orders and sat at a table that was relatively close to me. "I know I've seen you somewhere." I murmured to myself. Letting out a sigh of frustration, I walked over to where the girl and her friend were sitting. Finally, I managed to squeeze into the table next to them. I looked the two over, still trying to place who the one might be. "What are you doing next weekend?" The girls friend said. "I don't know, why?" "There's this thing I've been wanting to go to." She replied with a sheepish smile. "I can't, sorry." "

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