How and Why the Treaty of Versailles Differed from Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points

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How and Why the Treaty of Versailles Differed from Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points Wilson's fourteen points indicated that what he mainly wanted was peace, justice, harmony and freedom in the world and between all different countries, whereas the Treaty of Versailles showed a different view and dealt with Germany, mainly with how the land was going to used from then on within the world. One of Wilson's points said that he wanted for the wishes and views of the local people who lived in future colonies to be taken into consideration, he wanted for all the land to be returned to their rightful countries for example, Alsace and Lorraine were to be returned to France, he wanted the Germans to leave Belgium and for the other countries to leave the Russian territory. These points were also known as Wilson's idea of national self-determination. However the Treaty of Versailles had other ideas. The terms stated that all of Germany's overseas colonies were to be taken away and put under the rule of the League of Nations, and all the land which Germany had taken away from Russia had now taken back. Some of the land which had been retrieved back from Germany was returned to Russia, and some of it was used to create four new nations - Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. A reason why the four new nations were created from Russian land was because it was Russia's price for leaving the war earlier than any other country and leaving mainly just the French, British and Americans to sort it out with the Germans. Although Germany was stripped of her colonies the French and British were able to keep theirs', in fact it was during that time that the... ... middle of paper ... ... Allied side had, they hadn't suffered as much as the British and especially the French had. Actually, compared to the Allied side it wouldn't seem as if they had suffered at all, they only lost a few thousand men, whereas nearly half of the French army had been wiped out just in that one battle that they had. So one of the reasons why the Treaty of Versailles differed by quite a bit compared to Wilson's Points was because they felt that what Wilson wanted was out of sympathy for the other countries, as he didn't understand what it felt like to be one of those countries at war or in battle, as much. Whilst Wilson looked as if he was trying to sympathise with the other countries, the Allies were looking for revenge on Germany to make them pay back for what they had cost them, their country, their people and their world.

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