How an Individual Reconciles Values

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We follow multiple values ethics, cultural, organizational, and personal with different perspectives and diverse proficiency. The question is which values is a priority, do any values represent a correct standard, and should we accept that they can and will differ. The answer to these questions depends on the individual driving force behind their actions. One must also understand how these values fit together and how to prioritize their values. In order to achieve this endeavor an individual would need to reconcile each of these values ethics, cultural, organizational, and personal in a global setting.

I. How an Individual Reconciles Ethics Values

Ethics evolved from the ancient Greeks to the ethics of Christianity and were more emotional and less rational. Ethics is an accepting of what a group value system defines as good or bad, and the behavior desired to accomplish this position. It is still unstable what was considered right yesterday, maybe wrong or today. When an individual is consistent with the group’s values then that individual is acting ethically. To apply ...
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