How Writing Has Changed over the Centuries

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Writing. Something that we are all familiar with, some more than others. We use it in our everyday lives, going about the day and using it to accomplish what needs to be done. In the world, some people view writing as a tedious activity that is unnecessary, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. As you are aware, writing is always changing; adapting to the times to suit the needs of us humans. As time goes on, the technology that we invent is changing how we use writing and slowly the definitions of writing are becoming hazier.

Writing is a tool, something that is forever changing and adapting so that it can best fit those who wield it. Back when writing was invented, there were no such things as computers, pens, and pencils. Writing was composed of a wedging tool and clay in order to track the business transactions of the Sumerian people (Baron). So, how is it that writing has changed so much over time?

“When we write with cutting-edge tools, it is easy to forget that whether it consists of energized particles on a screen or ink embedded in paper or lines gouged into clay tablets, writing itself is always first and foremost a technology, a way of engineering materials in order to accomplish an end” (Baron). As citizens of the twenty-first century we are well aware of how quickly and vastly technologies can change in a short period of time. Scientists design these technologies to best fit the needs of the people, so why can’t writing change?

Pens, pencils and typewriters all brought monumental changes to the way writing took place. These technologies allowed writing to become faster and more wide ranged than in previous years. Then came the computer, followed by the internet. This left a huge impact in the world of writin...

... middle of paper ... way for us humans to ever be able to fully list out what is and what is not writing. We need to realize that while many pieces have aspects of writing in them, they are not simply writing, they are a new breed, something that has developed after years and years of work.

Writing has been changing since the second it was created. As time goes on it will continue to change and adapt to the other technologies that we humans create. We may lose some aspect of writing that we have now, but we will gain new ones as well. Writing is a technology, forever changing.

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