How Writers Should Incorporate Various Strategies For Not Only Revising, But Also Editing, And Proofreading

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Outcome 4 is something all writers should do for every sort of literary work that is composed. Outcome 4 address revision, and how writers should incorporate various strategies for not only revising, but also editing, and proofreading their writing. Revision is a key part in the writing process and allows the writer to construct a well-developed and coherent essay that aligns will all four of the outcomes discussed in the portfolio. In the years before college, I never seemed to give revision any much of a thought other than to fix grammatical errors. It seemed to my adolescent and ignorant mind that all my writing was perfect the first time, and didn’t need any editing or proof reading. This is besides the fact that in high school, we either were tested to write in class essays, or had short deadlines and were never allotted time for revision. It wasn’t until your class, English 131, that we were allotted plenty of time to not only revise, but to also receive peer review. In almost all my essays in this class, I have received feedback that has pointed out mistakes or missing aspects to my writing that I would never have caught before. Not only does this allow me to fic grammatical errors, but allows me to add all the elements of all four outcomes that are vital to a cohesive work of writing. To demonstrate the elements of Outcome 4, I have decided to use my genre analysis paper, titled “Factors of a College Resume”. Not only was this paper one of the first essays we wrote in English 131, but it was the essay that I found myself revising the most. This essay received review from my peers, from you, and from some of the people I live with. Some of the revisions were minor, whereas some revision took a long amount of... ... middle of paper ... ...s like these that can add up throughout the essay, and eventually make it entirely complete. This revision, although only structural, helps for the essay to flow more easily, and help the reader to conceptually understand. Outcome 4 is crucial for writers who want to develop a more complex and well developed essay because it serves as a checklist for all the other three outcomes, making sure the writer has incorporated all elements every outcome, resulting in a perfect essay. Even small grammatical errors can separate good essays from great essays; therefore, is it important for writers to incorporate all aspects of outcome 4 into their revision plan. Even as a mechanical engineer, minuscule details can be the difference between a functioning machine and a heap of scrap metal, so it is important to carry all elements of outcome 4 into everything we do.

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