How World War One Changed The Middle East And East Asia

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World War One “the war to end all wars” would rage from 1914 to 1918 claiming the lives of more than 8,500,000 people and wounding over 20,000,000. Known as the “Great War” at the time, the war seemed to have come out of no where for the people of Europe; as the continent had been in an era of unprecedented peace. Tensions had been rising years before the outbreak, as alliances were being formed. The Triple Entente formed after Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire created the Central Powers, consisted of Britain, France, and Russia.These two alliances would gain in strength as nations aligned with the two. A total of over 100 nations would eventually get involved by the wars end. In the end the Triple Entente would come out victorious destroying empires and giving rise to many new nations. The Lands of the Ottoman Empire were broken up to form many of the nations that are currently in the middle east.The german claims in the pacific and Eastern Asia would be given to the Japanese to govern. For Centuries the Ottoman empire had dominated the Middle East and at its pea...

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