How We Became Hands On

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Through the last few months, our group has evolved and changed greatly. We have established explicit and implicit norms, made progress towards our goals, and utilized communication techniques such as group talk, hyperpersonal communication in an effort to create a supportive atmosphere. The five of us have come far, and we share many hopes for the rest of the semester as we move forward, grow, and learn as a team. In our group, the explicit norms were clearly spelled out in the beginning of the semester. However, the implicit norms were developed as the group continued to interact and evolve. Implicit norms are “norms that are rarely discussed or openly communicated.” One implicit norm our group follows is to not give away any of our product, and to not steal any of the money that we raised. Not once did anyone tell any members of our group that we could not steal money or candy while fundraising, but it is a rule that all of us follow. A second instance of an implicit rule that is in place is that no one insults another individual’s ideas. Even if it something with which another group member may disagree, it is important to be respectful while stating a differing opinion. Progress is very important in working towards and completing goals. Our book explains that a sense of progress is a great way to motivate a group. A sense of progress is “the shared feeling that the group is accomplishing something,” which has been a great part of our group work so far. One instance where the group felt a sense of progress was each night when we calculated how much money we raised at each performance. As the number increased, so did our sense of progress until we reached $118 profit from our first event. Another time where our group felt th... ... middle of paper ... ...own together and writing out the paper. Another instance of this is how our group will frequently mention during meetings and class time that we will post information on facebook instead of discussing it directly in person. This is due to the fact that our group members are able to more comfortably and clearly express their ideas online rather than in person. No other conclusion can be made than that this class has greatly influenced our group on an individual and team level. We have established roles, and rules, both spoken and unspoken. We have felt pride as we met our goals, and inspiration to continue working when we fell short. Our group has become a cohesive team who establishes comfortable forms of communication both in person and through social media. We have grown to know and respect each other, and will continue to do so as the semester progresses.

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