How Was Hitler And Mussolini Totalitarian

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On November 11th, 1918 the First, four year long, World War finally came to an end. The United States of America began flourishing while many of their enemies such as Germany began to sink. During the so called “Roaring 20’s” the culture and diversity of America began to unravel. But unfortunately, in 1929, the Great Depression began. It was the worst recorded depression Americans had ever faced. Unemployment rates escalated and bread lines increased daily. Years of disparity and bitterness passed by until Franklin Roosevelt became president and promoted “New Deals” to help the people. Americans gained hope and prosperity once again. During the depression, World War II began and America did not get involved in the war; they considered themselves…show more content…
Considering we were going to war against Hitler and Mussolini, two powerful British leaders, we needed to get involved at an earlier time. Hitler and Mussolini were both totalitarian leaders. Totalitarianism is a “theory of government in which a single party or leader controls the economic, social, and cultural lives of the people” (Source H). In Germany’s case, Hitler’s party, the Nazi’s, were trying to rule their country. His dictatorship, as well as trying to implement the Nazi’s ideals in the everyday lives of the Germans was ruining their spirit of democracy. In Italy’s case, Mussolini “outlawed political parties, took over the press, created a secret police, organized youth groups to indoctrinate the young, suppressed strikes, and opposed liberalism and socialism” (Source H). With our involvement in the war, we could have helped the other countries put a stop to Hitler and Mussolini. Considering we got into the war after Pearl Harbor, the dictators had a chance to spread their ideals all around Europe before we came in. If America were to get involved in the war before Pearl Harbor, not only Hitler and Mussolini, but dictators in Japan and other countries as well could have been put to an end before they devastated the…show more content…
Instead, we should focus on our issues at home” (Source A). Although many people may agree with statement, getting involved into the war would have helped our problems become solved. Also, Charles Lindbergh, who agreed with the isolationists believed that “.. the one time we did take part in a European war left European problems unsolved, and debts to America unpaid” (Source B). His belief is nothing but a reason to get involved in the war. Considering we had unsolved European problems, we should go back to the country and solve those problems. Solving the problems would have helped our country flourish and have less for us to worry about. Similarly, if we got involved in the war before Peal Harbor we would be producing war gear and supplies. These supplies would not only be used by our own country, but could also be sold to other countries. The selling would help our debts decrease from the profit of the war gear. Staying out of World War II would hurt us just as much as getting into the war would. Another belief many isolationists believe is that neutrality is the way to keep the United States safe (Source A). Unfortunately, staying neutral would actually anger those involved in the war because we had not picked one specific side. No matter if we are neutral or not, our chance for attack is still the same. The only
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