How To Write An Essay On Argentina Vs Us

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535 words

This past year I experienced the biggest change in my life. I decided to come to America to play soccer as a forward in Southwest Mississippi Community College. Even though Argentina and United States have similar characteristics, I found differences between playing here and playing in my country. When I compare these two countries, the advantage of playing in Argentina are clear in terms of popularity, tenacity, and dynamicity. The biggest difference between soccer in Argentina and in United States is popularity. There is a reason why in Argentina soccer is much more popular than in America. In my country, people play soccer since they start to walk. Every TV show and social media talk about this sport and we have the two most talented soccer players of the entire history, Lionel Messi and …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they decided to come to america to play soccer as a forward in southwest mississippi community college. although argentina and united states have similar characteristics, they found differences between playing here and playing in their country.
  • Opines that the biggest difference between soccer in argentina and in the united states is popularity. having more than one main sport can divide people in terms of interests.
  • Opines that argentina is more suitable for them since they like a more vigorous way of playing soccer.
  • Opines that the pace is much faster in argentina than in the united states.
  • Opines that playing soccer in both countries gave them experience to compare and contrast them. they find differences in popularity, determination, and pace.

I get the feeling that in America people do not play soccer whit the same intensity than in my country. Here, referees are more likely to call a foul with a simple contact. Once, in a game, I run and took the ball from a rival with a clean tackle and the referee penalized me with a yellow card. I know that in South America if people do not play tough, they will lose any dispute. Considering that I like a more vigorous way of playing, Argentina is more suitable for me. Finally, this past season I experience a more slow and sluggish way of playing than in Argentina. People are more focus in keeping possession of the ball instead of being more aggressive. This style makes the game boring; therefore, less people are attracted to watch it. In Argentina games are totally different. I am used to attack with short and fast passes. The pace is much faster in Argentina than in United States. My country is known for having the most dynamic style of playing of the world. This can be seen in professional soccer where all the Argentinians play faster than any other

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