How To Write A Reflection To Study Psychology

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Reflection 1: Studying Psychology at QUT Reporting: Studying Psychology at QUT these past months has completely shattered any expectorations I had of University level study. I came into the year thinking that I was going to enjoy all of my subjects and find it easy to balance work, studying, and my social life, however, I have found nothing about entering University comparable to how I expected it. Though, despite this, I have periodically changed and altered my goals in order to have achievable outcomes through my study. The only comforting thought is that it is similar to my sentiment during my final year of high school. Relating: Tertiary study has always been a goal for me and I was wholly determined to succeed no matter the cost. However, factors including stress, exhaustion, loss of motivation all had an impact on my academic results in my final year of high school, despite my best efforts to ignore these factors and carry on. Within the first semester of year 12 I let nothing get in my way and put my academic results before my mental health. I soon realised that I had started to push away my friends and family, and stop working and earning money and that this was to a healthy way to live. Instead, I decided to change my unrealistic goal of an…show more content…
This theory denotes the basic human drive to succeed and effectively function within society. Research further indicates that success in life goals has a direct link to psychological well-being in all cultures, (Deci & Ryan, 2008). Similarly, this theory can be applied to patients that visit a psychologist. In this particular setting, it is crucial that patients are self-motivated are more likely to achieve desired results and change within their psychological well-being, (Ng, Ntoumanis, Thogersen-Ntoumani, Deci, Ryan, Duda & Williams,