How To Write A Reflection On Your Life

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Intro As human beings we have to be able to reflect on our lives and recognize things we have learned and events we have gone through. Especially as social workers you really have to know yourself and understand your experiences may not be the same of others and have to be open to others stories. But for now this is be focusing and reflecting on my life, events from my childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. Exploring stages of life that I have confronted for example attachment theory, initiative versus guilt, and Individual-Reflective Faith.
Growing up my mother was a stay at home mom who would wash clothes, clean the house, cook dinner and especially to take care of me, since I was the youngest of three. We were fortunate
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My parents especially my mother was always encouraging me that I could do or be whatever I wanted. I remember once me and my mother having a talk while we were working on my homework and she asked me what I wanted to be when I was older, I was about ten years old and I told her a lawyer. I had not met nor have seen a lawyer in person just in movies but that was my goal. My mother of course encouraged me and said I would make it possible. I remember improving on my reading and argument positions, because I knew I had to be a master of that to become a lawyer. My mother would even set up arguments with her and see who would win, I even did it with my siblings, and of course I won each and every argument. As I grew in my adolescent years I changed my dream career about three times, not because I didn’t think I could not become one, I just changed my interest. Each time I changed my interest my mother was right behind me supporting any thoughts or dreams I had. Still to this day having had those successful experiences has made an adult to pursue many goals, some I am even in the proses of…show more content…
Which brings me to Fowler’s Theory of Faith Development, specifically Individual-Reflective Faith which occurs in early adulthood. Growing up as a family we went to church every Sunday and sometimes even twice a week, everyone in my family was a catholic and that was expected for all of us, no questions asked. I even got baptized as a baby and did my first communion when I was about nine years old. I did not mind the expectation from my family when I was little because I loved church, especially the singing. Then came a time where both of my parents started to work on Sundays, so did my sister, and so my brother and I helped out at my parents restaurant. Ever since then we really haven’t made church a priority, I believe this is what effected my encounter with my mother when I was eighteen years old. I was currently taking a class called “religion in the modern world” and learned about all rituals and how different religions support different things than others, and it got to me to reflect on what religion I grew up leaning about. Some things I liked and somethings I was horrified with. So talking to my mother I was telling her my opinions and what I believed in and that there is not just one way to believe or think. She was furious, I was stepping out of the norm, but it had ben because of my
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