How To Write A Heir To The Castle Essay

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Heir to the Throne Juan Hillon April 1, 2014 Mr. Tice Language Arts LO: write an imaginative, self-created narrative SLE: Write with proficiency and think creatively Part One “The heir to my throne will be born soon.” King Charles discusses with his trusty second in command Julian. “What do you think the Kingdom of Fortundale will be like when I’m gone?” the King asks. “Your Majesty, I certainly hope it will be just as prosperous as it is now.” Julian responds. “I have other business to do now.” Charles explains. “I’ll see you later.” The King goes across the hall to check on the Queen. But before he had gone in the room, a feeling of impending doom strikes him. He looks out the window apprehensively. Nothing seems to be wrong. He goes back to his own business. Suddenly, he hears screams from outside the castle. “The kingdom is being attacked!” he exclaims. He runs down the stairs as fast as he can. “Julian, while I lead the army, I need you to keep guard on the room in which the queen is right now.” He commands. “We cannot lose the heir to the throne!” King Ch...
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