How To Upload Video Onto Youtube

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In the new world where technology is everything, it is very essential to know how to edit and upload a video on to YouTube. Almost everybody has a special video that they would love to share with the world. Whether it is comical, sad, or educational, YouTube will allow you to share your video worldwide, and editing your video will make it very enjoyable. In this directive process you will learn how to turn your video into a masterpiece.
To begin, you need to record or download a raw video from your computer or any device with a camera that is able to connect to your personal computer. When you have your video, you will need to open up the program Windows Live Movie Maker and click Browse for Videos and Photos; this will allow you to edit the video on the program. In the browse folder you will need to know where your video is located. Once you have located your video, you will then open it up on the program and begin to edit the video. It’s best to begin your video with a title that pertains to the videos topic, and also one that is very catchy. To create your title, click Title on the programs ribbon, which is located at the top of the program.
You can set the titles duration and show your creativity by choosing a title effect; making the title duration too long is not a good idea. When you are pleased with your title's effects, you can also change the font size, color, and style to your personal preference. Now click the video block on the program where your video is to enhance it with special effects and trim it if necessary. To trim your video you are going to need to click Video Tools on the ribbon, followed by Edit, then Trim Tools; using the trim tool will allow you to get rid of any unwanted parts in your video. When you h...

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...age next to the websites search bar. After clicking upload, click Select Files to Upload and select your video file that you have edited and saved to be uploaded. When you have completed that, you will need to title, describe, and categorize your video. Your video is now uploaded to YouTube, and you will be given a URL for your video on YouTube’s website.
Once you completed every step, you can search for your video on YouTube’s website and watch your video on the site. Tell all your friends, family, co-workers and strangers and be amazed as you watch your views pile up tremendously. Some viewers may also back comments and subscribe to your YouTube channel, depending whether they like your video. If your video becomes very popular, you may become an internet celebrity and even get paid money just for entertaining the world with your wonderful, creative masterpiece.
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