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In pondering what I could write these economic stories about, I referred to text in the book “How to Think Like an Economist”, with in this book Mr. Arnold had a great revelation that caught my attention. That of the question “can there ever be too little of a bad thing?” (Arnold, 2005), this tidbit of information got me to think just in everyday life, is it possible to want what to monopolize happiness so much that the bad in life can destroy you. In reflecting upon various life situations and relationships I found that the influences of economic principles where everywhere and in order to monopolize life you have to notice the principles and theories. This thought further lead to me pondering life and all that it has to offer. In doing …show more content…

There constant need and want to obtain complete control of your financial and emotional facets. Children have this wonderful form of persuasion, they use your love and admiration for them as a too maintain your resource even when there is a scarcity. Which often times proves successful, no matter how old they get. Your first instant is to ensure that they are safe and happy at all cost, however these cost can often be your demise. A prime example of their persuasion ability is when something new comes out and they want it. The power of advertising and imagery draws them in and in turn you are drawn in. Whether it is a pair of the latest tennis shoes, toys, video games, or just food they set their minds on it they are relentless in obtaining it. From their point of view and the facade that we display, our parental capital is abundant, or maybe we have resources on trees in our backyards. No matter what they do or the task that we have them to do to receive resources or revenue they still believe and know that our hearts will not see them disappointed. As a compromise with my children I offer then jobs that they can do around the home that will allow them to get resources or revenue for the items that they want. In offering this compromise the demands that once occurred everyday has reduced to a biweekly or a monthly occurrences. Although it is still a battle of the wills there is still nothing that I will not do for any of my children, therefore they have almost monopolized my life with the main task of keeping them content and helping them achieve their goals and

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the impact of opportunity cost on one's life, including the pleasure of working alone, and how it affects the motivation factor for the job, the pay.
  • Explains that their daily battle with time and opportunity is one of the biggest economic inflections that they can think of.
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