How To Teach and Take Care of Your Dog

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We all know that a pet dog is to be spoiled in the family today. It is not only fun to keep house-efficient supporter for the theft that is "you" of people, especially the style of her dogs for a title is very cost-stately style guards. But do you want to get a four-legged friend really docile, promoting maximum use of them, not everyone knows how. Recently, when the economy is growing every family raising a dog is wrong in how to teach dogs. So I will tell you how to teach and take care of your dog. I will tell you a few tips that are simply easier to do and effectively not very hard if people persist to want to teach a dog in a short time only. (A maximum of one week). First I would say an example for them is to manually check their dog to see if he was not raised in a good home. 1. The hand (love is not the first bite offline) 2. Come close to the hands of owners (People think it is an act of expression, but dogs just do it with the audience than has low status) 3. Can call without complaint. 4. They growl at food, opposed. 6. He does not walk, you pull all you like, wants to go but not exactly to a place you want to go. 7. He often barks when walking to show his authority with the other dogs. 8. Barks when in the house. All acts will be referred to as the disease and power and we can say most of the dogs in urban areas are now suffering from the disease. Suppose, when the dog bites the hand, people still thought that puppies bite and should be a sign for support but not so itchy. If you have adopted several children in the house you will understand that puppies bite each other to express their position in the herd (especially the diseased or the lighter). If they bite so often, you will realize that they a... ... middle of paper ... ... "show the power" at the dog. When the dog is calm again, then stroke it gently and if so, try talking to it coarsely to express your sympathy. When the dogs are too aggressive then hand squeeze its snout tightly; until you see it in not resisting further from your touch. Stay as you are until you completely subdued the stubborn dog. Finally, please bring the dog down on its stomach. Where the dog can not back up and also not see clearly on two sides. Above are some movements to train your dog into an obedient dog. And you know, dogs are very intelligent animals and loyal. So when properly trained, then you will be all the more convinced that "friendship" between dog and owner will become more closely. Wish you success and do not forget to comment to Jin support of this article is really useful. (As Jin does not have any comments in the blog at all). My love.

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