How To Solve The Foreclosure Crisis

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The foreclosure issue in the United States is not one that will disappear overnight, and while it is easy to over look statistical information saying that a certain number of homes are foreclosed on each day, such things only serve to distance a reader from the real fact: there are people without homes, and a solution has not yet been found. If knowledge is power, then why do we, as one of, or perhaps the most powerful nation in the world not have it? The answer is that it is present, but in the wrong place. We have the power, but it must be redirected. Information becomes knowledge, and knowledge becomes power, so we must give information to those who are losing their homes, so that they may have the power to prevent it. The government can bail people out as long as it has money, but why not stop the leak in the hull of our nation at its source, rather than clogging the gaping hole with money? We must educate the public on the facts of homeownership, along with how to live with what we are given, use what means we have to live within our limits, and also to do what we can now to work for something better in the future.

My mother owns a number of rental homes, mostly in the more destitute areas of San Antonio. If the people who make such homes their place of residence are anything to go by, then it is safe to say that the American dream is alive and well in today’s world, but it is that dream which is part of the problem. Since the dawn of man we have all worked towards crossing that bride into greener pastures. There is not a man or woman alive in our nation today who can say with any honesty that he or she has not once looked at what another, more wealthy person has, and wanted it, craved it, burned for it. While in some cases ...

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...od life is alive today, and it has helped lead us to the situation the country now finds itself in. If there is something to be done, it should be education. People try to live beyond their means, and many times it is because they are not informed of what happens when they do this—to them, their families, their country. If the government can instill some of the knowledge of how the complicated system of real estate works, then perhaps people will be more likely to make the right choices, and less likely to overextend themselves. In any case, something must be done to work for a better future as we work to fix the problems of today, otherwise, we will not face these problems, our children, or their children will. Action must be taken to stop the cycle, and what better time then now, when change is in the air and the cry of ‘Yes we can,’ is still ringing in every ear.

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