How To Separate Eugenol Compound From Cloves

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Intro The main objective of this experiment is to separate Eugenol compound from cloves through a process of steam distillation method, and to assess the effectiveness of the method. Steam distillation is a type of distillation process in which organic compounds can be distilled using steam, and does not use vacuum system. In order for the process take place, the very first step is to carefully boil the mixture in a set point, which is slightly below boiling point of water. The vapor, which is the distillute are separated from the cloves and water. It is then transfer to the round bottomed flask as the vapor condense again through the condenser. Theory Natural aromatic compounds like eugenol tend to decompose at high sustained temperatures. …show more content…

Fundamentally, each compound has its vapor pressure. In this case, the water’s vapor pressure at 100 C is 760 mmHg, which is equal to the atmospheric pressure, and eugenol’s vapor pressure at 100 C is 4 mmHg. Eugenol’s vapor pressure contributes to the vapor pressure of the mixture. Using the Clausius-Clapeyron equation (ln (P1 / P2) = (ΔH / R) (1/T2 - 1/T1)), the temperature at which water boils in the partial vacuum of 4 mmHg was determined, which is less than 99.8 …show more content…

It is comparable with vacuum distillation process in which the purpose is to lower the vapor pressure below the atmospheric pressure in order for the organic materials distills and be purified under their usual boiling point. Steam distillation is very effective in distilling and purifying the eugenol; however, vacuum distillation have more applications, purifying the product even more. In this experiment, where steam distillation is being utilized, the analyte deemed to have impurities after testing it using H NMR. Cloves are made up of eugenol by 17% percent. Theoretically, that is also the maximum amount that can be distilled and be purified; however, that is not the case. With composite errors such as human error and how the distillation process work, it is impossible to get the most pure

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