How To Save The Sea Mermaid

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Jaden Knutson

Mrs. Urbanec

English 10

9 April, 2014

Save the Sea Mermaid

Manatees, also known a sea mermaids or cows, are on the brink of extinction with funding and environmental protection required to save these amazing animals. Humans are the biggest threat to their existence. Humans have carelessly injured and killed thousands of manatees by slicing and dicing them with boat propellers, all in the name of entertainment. Other negative factors include pollution, environmental reduction due to human encroachment, and poaching with manatees consumed as food. The existence of red tides is another factor posing a natural threat. While manatees may be viewed as large animals in the way of boaters with no real purpose, manatees serve a major purpose by eating vegetation and weeds that cause damage to underwater pipe systems in larger cities. Without them, the removal of this vegetation comes at a huge cost. The existence of one of the most gentle mammals in the world is being threatened. Action needs to be taken now to prevent brutal injuries or death by boat propellers, habitat loss, poaching, and other careless actions that threaten the manatee population.

Manatees are one of the most gentle water animals known to man. One of the biggest problems for these underwater sea cows is getting hit with boat propellers. These spinning deathtraps put gashes into the skin of manatees and even kill them. When boaters are going at speeds that the manatee cannot match or exceed, the manatee’s large body prevents them from moving fast enough to move out of the way. Boat collisions with manatees are the number one cause of death of manatees (Schleichert). Boat related injuries are so common that almost every manatee in Florida...

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... More manatees equates to better weed infestation control and less taxes.

In the end, manatees are good-hearted, wild animals that needs our help from being wiped into extinction. Fan boats need to be used or other inventions need to be generated to prevent the barbaric flesh tearing effects of our propeller driven boats. Funding for red tide control technology is needed for the manatees as well as other sea life. We need to help these manatees survive as so many other animals have been. Over the last 50 years, humans have greatly decreased the manatee population (Lapham). Each year manatee population decreases by 10%, with 2013 being the worst year of all (Halls). The problem is evidently getting worse, not better. The time for resolve is now. If not, it will not be long until the loving nature and face of the manatee goes blank in the world of existence.
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