How To Remove a Transmission On a GM New Style W-Body

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How To Remove a Transmission On a GM New Style W-Body Removing a transmission is a long process, which requires special tools and equipment. Do not attempt it without proper equipment. Transmissions are very heavy and require the use of a trans jack. Also the engine will need support without the sub frame in place. First remove the air cleaner assembly. Next disconnect the shift cable, and if applicable the park/neutral switch connections. Remove the two 13mm bolts from the cable plate. Now, disconnect the main transmission electrical connector by squeezing and bulling on it. Remove any 15mm nuts for grounds connected to the bell stud bolts, and the grounds. Remove the 18mm bell housing bolts. There will be 4 easily accessible from the top with 3.1, 5 with 3.8. Next install the holding fixture with two hooks to support the engine while trans is removed. This is a large frame like device that has two hooks that support the engine from above while major components have been removed from below. Raise and support the vehicle. This completes the above car work. Now that the car is up on the lift, remove the front wheels. Now, remove the cotter pins from the from the ball joints, and loosen the 18mm castle nuts. At this point, the ball joints can be popped free and the nuts fully removed. Next, remove the 10mm bolt from the power steering line bracket and remove the line from the plastic clips. Now, remove the stabilizer bar end links and rotate the bar upwards. Next, remove the 18mm nuts from the rack bolts, which are sometime 15mm and sometimes 18mm, and slide the bolts from the rack. Use a pry bar or similar device to separate the rack from the sub frame. Now, remove the four 15mm nuts from the two motor mounts. Disconnect the two ABS speed sensor wires. And unclip the harness on the upper side of the front of the sub frame. At this point get the transmission jack with large piece of wood. Position jack under sub frame and remove the four 18mm bolts from the corners. Now lower the jack with the sub frame and get someone to help you lift it to the floor.

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