How To Build a Professional Beer Tap System

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If you are tired of blowing all your cash at your local beer tavern, maybe it’s time to learn how to build a professional beer tap system. Make it yourself, right in your very own old refrigerator. It’s not difficult to become the brew-master of your domain by building a beer tap right through the fridge’s front door. However, before doing any drilling, make sure it is unplugged. Here’s what you will need to be able to build a professional beer tap system from the luxury of your own kitchen. Working refrigerator Regulator and CO2 tank Surgical tubing for CO2 and beer lines One to four taps Couplers Draft spigot (s) Draft spigot handle Drip tray Shank Door spacer Drill Crescent wrench Pencil or marker Tape measure Milk crate Tower (mini-fridge) Two pieces of scrap boards (1X6) Remove all the shelves from the inside as well as the bottom tray crispers and thoroughly clean out the fridge. It’s also a good idea to sanitize the inside of the refrigerator, after all, this is where you will be housing your professional beer tap system and kegs. Build your raised keg...

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