How Therapy Life Centre 's Services Are Used On The Wrong Type Of Customers Or Marketing Plans

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(2.1) While creating my marketing strategy is was important that all economic and buyer behavioural factors were taken into account otherwise time and material could of been wasted by being used on the wrong type of customers or marketing plans. Therapy Life Centre’s services are used for a variety of reasons therefore it is important to understand that while some may use it for lasuire or relaxation there are some who will use it for medical reasons therefore it was taken into consideration how often or long these services may be used, for example if someone is using it for medical reasons they may require a weekly appointment. Other factors include costs of our services for example Cranial-Sacral therapy will cost more for one session than acupuncture would, the availability of the the workers offering their services, if the rooms are available to be hired by the workers and how they are viewing our services updates for example do they rely on emails or do they like us on Facebook. Other factors could be more personal such as their income and if our services are something they can afford if they require if regularly, and if not than these type of factors are taken into consideration when making decisions such as on dicounts or the price of the service itself. (2.2) Cultural factors often have a huge factor in whether a customer uses a service therefore it will affect sales performances. Therapy Life Centre offers a range of holistic services/products which could immediately cause a cultural clash because not everyone is openminded to the idea of holistic treaments and would instead rather seeks out the services of doctors for example. If someone was to hold a negative opinion on holistic treatments than automatically their opini... ... middle of paper ... ...ness would lose mormoney in the expansion rather than it earns. Another recommendation when exploting new market opportunities is keeping up with trends in technology. By keeping up with trends in technology the biggest advantage is that my organisation can keep up to date with current interests in the public while also having a constant form of communication with potential and current clients. By using trends in technology such as social medias like Twitter it is possible to look at similar companies to us and understand their marketing method and how much of a threat they are to us. By keeping up with trending technology it guarantees that our company will be using the right medias so that if we decided to expand into a new market than we would be able to market it on a popular media making it more likely for us to instantly start gaining clients and a repuation.

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