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Vaccines have always been an important pinpoint in medical history. The vaccines were an important factor in medicine, and the evolution of mankind. The vaccines were performed by a country doctor, Edward Jenner. Doctor Jenner inserted cowpox into a young boy, and noticed the boy was unaffected to the exposure of cowpox later on. Next, the doctor experimented with smallpox and realized that once the virus is injected the body is immune to the bacteria or virus. The smallpox was the world’s first vaccination. This performance changed the whole platform, now future generations are influenced by medicine. This is why it so important to understand how the eight different thresholds help us achieve the pinpoint of mankind. ( Markel, Stern, 2005). The first threshold is the potential to “create new chemical elements through fusion”(Benjamin, Brown, Christian, 2014, p. 6). However, scientists started to investigate and go in the possibilities on how the universe is structured. An individual, Edwin Hubble, realized that the Earth was expanding. That all the elements to create a perfect setting (goldilock) was the event of the creation of space, time, and matter. The first threshold is the emergent of properties to creating life. The first threshold is connected to my topic,…show more content…
The fifth threshold describes of “life is the marvel of our planet…”(p. 63) and the three different characteristics of life. The three different characteristics of life are reproduction, metabolism, and adaptation. Vaccines help the form life. One of the characteristics that vaccines help is the adaptation of the body. Once the vaccination is inserted into the body, the vaccination reacts in a way where the body will now know how to defend itself from this disease. Vaccines are created to prevent lethal diseases, since the outbreak of smallpox. Thankfully vaccines have eradicated smallpox, and the same will happen to polio. Vaccines has helped the evolution of

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