How The Company Must Be Proactive For New Opportunities And Improve Their Relationship With Their Customers

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1. 1st method is to provide support to their customers not only on product and services but also providing a sense of security to the purchaser (DBHurley, 2015). The company must be proactive in seeking unexpected or different ways to create new opportunities and improve their relationship with their customers. And this method’s first step is to listen. Dedicate time and effort to listen not only to what they want but also listen their social media where the customers aren’t directing their messages to you. Valley Steel can also go as far as listening from their customer’s buyer or the end users to understand how their product and services can offer better support to them. From time to time, schedule a once-a-quarter lunch and just listen how your client’s market is doing or even discuss possible solutions with them. Stay in touch with your customers not only through work but also personally. By providing such support to the customers, it proves to them that you care about them as individuals, not just as dollar signs. They will then have stronger trust and brand loyalty towards the company that will then lead to long-term relationship that both companies would value deeply. 2. After listening to what the customer’s needs and wants are, you start taking action to match these needs with solutions that the company can offer. Valley Steel can implement marketing tools like Net Promoter System to initiate improvements or support to their customers. (Retrieved from Net Promoter System) They can walk through steps like the above diagram that fully accommodate the needs of their customer. These steps not only try to solve the problems on the surface but also digging deep to know the roots of the cause and the potential opportunity to ... ... middle of paper ... ...hemselves. 5. Lastly is to have customer data management and opportunity management process. B2B sales process is often longer and more complex because it is a large amount of quantity and also money. Therefore, it requires the collaboration of many members across multiple departments, requiring effective and secure customer data management and access. To improve collaboration, companies can take advantage of customer relationship management (CRM) system which enable effective collaboration among team members to generate leads, identify references and develop targeted sales campaigns. Valley Steel can also add an opportunity management process, which is designed around key opportunity milestones facilitates reporting and forecasting. It helps avoid excessive administrative burden, which is necessary to effectively pursue a sales opportunity and increase close rate.
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