How The Cold War Helped America

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The Cold War was a war that spanned from the end of WWII in 1945 until 1991 when communism influenced by the Soviet Union collapsed. The casualties and losses of the Vietnam and Korean wars, the two major wars fought indirectly between United States and the Soviet Union during the course of the Cold War, would seem like a disaster for both world superpowers. But in fact it was not. The Cold war brought a period of extreme consuming by the United States especially in the nuclear arms race in order to improve the technologies that helped further evolve the power and influence that could be used with United States technology. Over time, these technologies could be shifted more into our daily lives into electronic chips that can be used in devices such as phones and radio. This time period also encouraged people throughout the United States to spend money in the United States in order for the United States to increase its government’s earnings. Because the United States criticized the Soviet Union and its form of Communism, it had to show how well it treated its own people in order to not to be seen as a hypocrite. Because of this, Jim Crow laws allowing “equal” segregation between whites and blacks were overruled and dropped giving more rights to African Americans. The nuclear arms race and the Cold War resulted in positive economic, technological and social effects for the United States. The Cold War was triggered because of several causes, these causes came from the competition between the US and Soviet Union during WWII. First off, President Truman of the US at the time had a personal dislike for Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union during WWII.The Soviet Union wanted to spread communism throughout the world, while the ... ... middle of paper ... ...and-cons/ (accessed 16 Apr. 2014). Oracle ThinkQuest, “An Overview of the Crisis”, Cuban Missile Crisis: Summary, Oracle ThinkQuest, 26 Jan. 2014). PBS Online, “Timeline”, Race For The Superbomb, PBS Online, (accessed 9 Jan. 2014). Pillai Prabhakar, “Causes and Effects of the Cold War”, Buzzle, (accessed 1 Apr. 2014). Плакаты времен СССР | Блоги на Анапа.инфо, “Плакаты времен СССР”, (accessed May 1, 2014). The Cold War Museum, “1950s”, Sputnik, The Cold War Museum, (accessed 3 Feb. 2014). The Cold War Museum, “1960s”, The U-2 Incident, Gary Roberson, (accessed 4 Feb. 2014).
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