How Texting Is Ruining Our Language Essay

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Texting Has Ruined Our Language Texting is one of the most popular forms of communication in today’s society. It has changed the way we communicate from person-to-person. It has made sending a message, or having a conversation much easier and simple. It has also changed the way we communicate for the worse. In John Humphreys writing “I 8 txt Msgs: How Texting Is Wrecking Our Language”, he’s strongly against the use of texting due to its negative effects on the English language, and he has strong reasoning to back it up. With the use of texting abbreviations, auto-correct, and the reduced amount of time being spent reading literature, the English language is subsiding. With advancements in texting and technology happening everyday, there is…show more content…
Not reading literature is hurting the population on how to be properly literature. Texting someone with a bland conversation has not educated our minds as well as reading actual literature would. Reading literature would do great things for their minds if they would put their times towards it instead of texting. Yet, most people would rather spend their time sending text messages to one another, which usually include abbreviated and misspelled words. Next, the time being used reading improper text messages has made communicating in that way a habit. For example, teenagers will communicate with someone in real life with common text abbreviations such as: “g2g”, and “ttyl”, instead of actually saying “got to go” and “talk to you later”. These are improper ways to communicate with someone, and they are turning into habits of the younger generations. Also, reading real literature educates and stretches the mind better than text messages. For example, it has popularly been said that the best way to exercise your mind, and to extend your vocabulary is by reading literature. Whether it’s a fiction or non-fiction, your vocabulary is being expanded and your rate of literacy is being extended. People have put texting as a more important priority than reading

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