How Technology Progression has Improved our Lives

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Nowadays, Technology drives just about every area of our lives. Several ways technology is used currently are communication, business distribution, Medical field and everyday household equipment’s. As a result Technology progression has not only improved our convenience, but has increased the quality of life through enhanced medical equipment and drug treatment. Throughout the decades firms compete to deliver the needs of consumer demands and achieve high quality and performance. For the firm to uphold the expectations of profitability towards growth, a constancy in innovation plans must be set. The innovation process begins with the value chain understanding, then implementing a competitive advantage approach to maintain growth. Nevertheless the important aspect of a business to properly maintain its capabilities the use of Information systems plays a massive role in business success plan. Nowadays firms to gain consumers appreciation in various forms such as, website surveys, follow up feedback calls and mail surveys. These are all appropriate methods to improve the business quality and performance. The issue with follow up feedback calls and mailed surveys are inconvenience in the time customer is called, and mailing back consumer survey. The convenient method from my experience is through the website email consumer survey. Using the website allows the consumer to see this action in an email and take a timely advantage to express the experience of the business and feedback of ways to reach out to consumers while implementing improvement The world of business is always exploring the ways of profitability to create growth and expanding their company. However advertisements such as ads, media and billboards may be important t... ... middle of paper ... ...e designs for, websites presence; creative graphic art, writes applications such as java script and HTML. IT professionals typically work in Big/small business, government, or self-employed. Duties vary to skill and experience of these careers areas requiring specific information and essentials in today’s developing technology world. The careers in information technology are countless to levels of experience and education subject to the employer. Overall it is growing the field that offers an opportunity to advancements with a rewarding experience as well compensation. Works Cited Web Developer. (n.d.). Job Overview. Retrieved from Security - Information Technology Jobs. (n.d.). Security - Information Technology Jobs. Retrieved from
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