How Technology Has Changed Our Lives Of Human Life

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Society in the world changes everyday; one example is when the Supreme Court’s ruling for same-sex marriage caused uproar against the principles and practices of the churches. Another example is how terrorist groups overseas persecuted millions of Middle Eastern Christians. The critical change of society is how technology advanced the daily lives of human life and how technology replaced God. In Chicago, today’s generation has lost the war on violence in the streets, as the youth are killed day-by-day; many other cities developed mass terror shootings each year. Despite the efforts of the churches to stick close to their faith, it seems impossible to return to the Early Church God had ordained for the Israelites. However, the theme “Moving Forward” gives hope for many churches and communities to collaborate in order to fix a corrupted and blinded secular society. 1st Corinthians 15:58 described Paul’s encouragement to the church in Corinth to not lose hope in the fight against evil. When the world became sinful, Paul refused to let his anxiety and pain hinder him from preaching the Gospel to the other churches. His persistence reflects how Christians should survive and maintain their faith in struggles. Reflecting on my life, I faced with deaths in my family, depression in my friendships, fears in my spiritual life, and pains in my physical life. I lost many people who influenced my life. I suffered depression from those who ignored me and who criticized me; as a result, I slowly isolate my existence from the society. The fears and pains create apprehension to live out my faith; since society accepted many sins, my freedom of religion in the Constitution would be exploited, making me acceptability to persecution. In First Corinthi... ... middle of paper ... Christian believer, I faced racism from my physical appearance and persecution in my spiritual walk; the communities, the church, and the families I have cannot submit to God’s Word because preaching the Word will cause them to make sacrifices. In order to become the man I am, I had to create new friendships, to resist my friends’ atheist perspectives, to continue my involvement in church, and to isolate my presence from wicked people. Despite what may lie ahead of me, I am determined to live my life as Paul did. Both verses, 1st Corinthians 15:18 and Philippians 3:14, conclude that I have to live my life in faith and confidence without compromising my Christian beliefs to a secular, corrupted world. Thus, Paul’s message of “Moving Forward” persuades the future Christians to run life’s journey to receive a VIP ticket to Heaven after completing their labor on Earth.
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