How Stress Affects Your Stress

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Resilience is the ability when person bounce back from a tough situation and to avoid becoming a victim of helpless. It helps to manage stress and depression. It feels you are having bad life. It will not help to solve problems, but helps to see past them. People feel grief, sadness and stress after they lost someone or something. They started to fall in the dark, and they becoming to lose their mind. Stress can lead to problems in relationship, health, work, and financial stability. It is not a natural thing, it doesn’t born with human. On the other hand, you can decrease the stress and increase the resilience using these simple steps. • Manage your stress: It is difficult during hardship to manage your stress but if you focus how to solve this problem you can push through. Fit yourself in different activities. Try to avoid the stress. No matter how busy you are, you have beat the stress and set a good management priority. Think stress as a challenge. Whenever enters the stress you should try to avoid it. • Meditate: It is a mind relaxing exercise think deeply for a period of time. Whenever you feel stress find a comfortable seat and raise your breath in and out of your body. You can get wonderful spiritual and emotional benefits from meditate, for example, it reduce the stress, decrease muscles intension, enhance immunity and improved heart health. It is really helps to decrease your stress and clear your mind. It also prepares you ready to face the day, and new challenges. • Yoga: Yoga is a very ancient art which develop spiritual, body and mind hormone .Yoga brings together physical and mental discipline to achieve peacefulness in body and mind. It teaches us how to control anger. The practice of yoga makes the body strong ... ... middle of paper ... ...ling there is someone who could love me, and her thought was getting positive. She was getting better. She started to fight back with her emotional life . She was feeling happiness inside her. She started to take care of herself .After the baby was born, she was trying to develop herself. She became a busy person all of his darkness inside her were gone. She was a good mother. Happiness came to his life, and she became resilience. She said good bye to her stressful life. It was the story of my aunt. She was a really brave person. In my opinion becoming resilience is becoming hero who fights with their own emotions. Resilience is a light which give people to chance to live. It is a hardship you have to achieve and succeed. It is the way to get out from darkness. It is the key of get rid of sadness and anxiety. It is the best opportunity to bright your future.

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