How Solar Flares Affect Life and Resources on Earth

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Solar flares, huge explosions of gasses, gamma rays and ultra-violet rays. These massive flares that come from the solar atmosphere are what I will be analyzing and teaching you about in this essay. Solar flares have had a profound effect on life and resources on earth throughout the history of our planet. Nowadays we are aware of the causes of solar flares and the damage that solar flares are capable of. Throughout this essay we will look into what solar flares are and how solar flares affect life and recourses on Earth.
Solar flares have existed throughout the history of our planet. In 1856 the British astronomers Richard Carrington and Roger observed and discovered the first solar flare. It wasn’t the first flare from the sun however it was the first solar flare us humans observed. The solar flare that was observed by the astromemers was also the biggest solar flare ever recorded. (Telegraph UK, Solar flares)
Solar flares are violent eruptions and explosions of gasses that release gamma rays and ultra-violet radiation. A flare is usually defined as a sudden, rapid and intense variation of brightness. Although you cannot see a solar flare with the naked eye from the surface of earth, space x-rays and thermal imaging equipment are used to observe these huge monsters. A solar flare occurs when magnetic energy that has built up in the suns atmosphere is unexpectedly released. This occurs mostly in the active regions around sunspots. The frequency of solar flares varies from several a days when the sun is active, to one a week during periods when the sun is less active. (ESA, What are Solar Flares) The amount of energy released by a normal sized flare is equivalent to one hundred million megaton hydrogen bombs exploding at the same...

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...we should become more educated and aware of solar flares. I hope that I answered my question on how solar flares affect life and resources on earth and remember solar flares affect us and our resources in a negative way.

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