How Society's Fall

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I think society's fall because of how corrupt their leaders are, the minority problems, and how the leaders want to go to war. For thousands of years there has been war. The reason why we go to war is because of the leaders and how corrupt they are. It also depends on minority problems and how they play an effect on people.The reasons why great societies fall is how corrupt their leaders are and how they want to go to war and make some minority problems. Even though before all of this started to happen as explained in the quote, Hitler actually did some good. (Believe it or not) When he first became ruler of germany he promised everyone in Germany many things. These things were the reason that it is the best and most efficient society until Hitler made promises he couldn’t keep. As all of the great things were happening and the economy, government and citizenship were booming and were amazing for the time period, the country was the best and richest that anyone could think of. But, Hitler started to have something against jews and wanted to take them out. He thought they were the world’s problem and he took them out and their population decreased. This caused everything to change. Everything that was good before was not anymore because of Hitler’s poor actions. Another example is Romulus Augustus. As Romulus Augustus began to rule in the west, the empire became weaker then it was before. Odoacer, a Germanic leader took over the throne from Romulus and everything changed. It changed for the people and the emperor that was no longer. As the entire empire was huge and stretched over all of Rome, it ‘dissolved’ into smaller, separate kingdoms. These kingdoms were ruled by different tribes and not by the Roman rulers. This is what this... ... middle of paper ... ...xample of a society that fell because of minority problems is in the confederate United States because the blacks were considered the minority and they were forced to fight in war, which lead to rebellions causing the failure of the great society. The plebeians couldn’t do anything to make rules because they were the equivalent to the poor people compared to the patricians. Until they made the revolt they didn’t have any power. After, they were able to be in charge of themselves and have some power because the patricians didn’t know what to do without them. The main reasons for societies falling is when they have corrupt leaders, minority problems, and problems with war. There will be perfect societies that will take advantage of people and kill them if the leader does not like them. this happened with many different societies. Thats when the society starts to fall.

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