How Society And Environment Affect People 's Mental Health

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This article will talk about how does society and environment affect people’s mental health. First, urbanization as a impact of globalization make people anxiety, because they have to face many new challenges in their daily life. Inferior environment as a small part of environment determines the risks of a person been in mental illness. Then, the statistics report from Canadian government shows that the mental illness is the most important risk factor for suicide and explained why married people are healthier than single and widowed people. Finally, people are encouraged to do some panning for extreme weather which is helpful when they be in bad weather. The rapid increase in urban population worldwide has become one of the most important global health issues of the 21st century. Since urbanization can influences the rates of mental illness through its impact on social structure. A large number of people moving from rural areas to cities and lead to a decrease in the original social capital and an increase in the competition of resources. Social capital, according to the article, is about civic participation, social networks and trust. If a community with high levels of social capital, citizens in the community are likely to be health both in physical and mental. Because they trust their neighborhoods and are willing to help others. However, urbanization may has a great impact on it. Thus, those people who living in high density area are likely to face many challenges, such as poor working conditions, food shortage, gender discrimination, overcrowded and polluted environment, high levels of violence, and reduced social support, and have greater risks of having mental illness. This article is about urbanization, social and mental... ... middle of paper ... ...had experienced an intensely traumatic event are likely to have mental illness, especially if they saw someone die. In addition, it is difficult for them to come back to normal life. Thus, the article advocate that people cannot ignore the climate change influences to their health and mental health and should prepared for extreme weather. This article did not mention that how and where did they get the data (25-50%). The academic article explained the urbanization as social factor affects mental health in detail. This section is valued and I would like to choose this article as evidence to support the argument. The magazine article and the last article is intend to inform a wide array of readers about an issue. However, the information is sometimes not reliable. The government document is based on real data and research, so it can be recognized as a strong evidence.

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