How Social Work Affects The Lives Of Vulnerable People

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Social work can be a stressful, time consuming career, but that has never made me second guess that it is the career for me. In my eyes, social work is more than a profession, it is a way for me to channel my passion for helping others. I am dedicated and determined to improve society’s overall wellbeing by advocating for social justice, social cohesion, and social change in the lives of vulnerable people. Social workers may not have the highest salaries or sense of power, but social workers are given the chance to empower others to be the best they can be, and that is all I could ever ask for in a career. Along with my determination to help others, there are also personal life experiences that contribute to my longing for the social work profession. At a young age I experienced the divorce of my parents, mental health issues with a sibling, and the incarceration of my father. All of these experiences play a role in who I am today. I have found positives in all of my negative life events with the help of counselors and social workers. I looked up to service providers as a child, and decided I wanted to help people and empower to positively change lives, too. While my own experiences drew me to the social work profession, observing and witnessing the lives of others also helped me realize that I want to be a social worker. I grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone. I was close with all of my peers that I shared school memories with from age five to eighteen. I watched my once young and innocent classmates grow into teenagers who live in poverty, develop substance abuse, and drop out of high school. Deep down I know my peers have potential to be productive successful individuals, but they were somewhat less fortunate... ... middle of paper ... ...ciety, which I plan to do once I pay the member fee. Throughout my years at WIU I have learned many skills I will bring to my career such as research and grant writing. My participation in a research methods and research statistics class has prepared me for the field. I have also learned how to write a grant proposal which will be very useful in my field. Next spring I plan to expand my growth, knowledge, and skills from completing my practicum field placement at Heartland Health Care Inc., in Canton, IL. This will give me experience and background on true social work duties and will prepare me for my future endeavors. I am thrilled to expand my education and earn my master’s degree in school social work. I am determined, dedicated, and prepared to work hard and achieve my goal. I am excited to see the opportunities this journey will bring me and my future clients.

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